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TOP101 aluminum multi-position fold-able laptop and tablet stand!

This portable laptop and tablet stand is very light weight. It features a quick folding mechanism. It is very small when folded and is easy to carry around. It only takes 1 second to open and close. Greatly saving your time and space.
The stand is made of aluminum lined with a durable, non-slip rubber surface pad, so the laptop or tablet can stay in the proper position firmly and reliably.
This stand is used to lift and raise the screen of the laptop and tablet to the correct height. This will improve your sight and correct your posture. In this way the burden on the shoulders, neck, etc. can be reduced.
Thanks to the open design of the laptop and tablet stand, the laptop or tablet base will have sufficient ventilation and heat dissipation as the air can flow through the bottom of the stand.

Material: Aluminum and Silica Gel
6 height adjustment
Hollow bottom heat dissipation
Non-Slip silicone lining

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